The site Laptops.ph was conceived to help the Filipino consumer purchase laptops for their specific needs and that are available in the Philippines.

With so many laptop brands and models, it can be confusing for first-time laptop buyers, or for the budget-conscious. Would you buy the cheapest laptops available or the first laptop you see? Then later finding out that it doesn’t have the specs you need or it can do what you plan to do it. Or buying the newest, most expensive but underpowered laptop but still unable to game. That would lead to a buyer’s remorse.

Would you like us to help you choose the right laptop for you? Whether it be for gaming, for students where battery life is the key, for the on-the-go that needs an ultralight laptop or a netbook for those people that just wants word processing and sending a few emails and checking Facebook or other social networks. And some that want to take advantage of the cloud.

There’s a laptop for all of us, we just need to find the right match for us and we can help you with that.

We are a group of sites which mainly tackle with Tech news on the upcoming gadgets and the popular gadgets and devices in the Philippines.

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Laptops PH – A site maintained by the LaptopAdmin, “finding the right laptop for everyone is my calling in life” from Chromebooks to Ultrabooks, LA’s got the article for you.

AndroidPhones PH Written and curated by Fandroid, this is everything and anything android. Expect an unbiased review of the popular phone brands in the Philippines also stay to tuned to his tips and tricks.